What we do


Capture data

We create technologies to capture data in an easy, continuous and human way.


Connect knowledge

We collect scattered information from different sources, areas and actors for consolidation and feed the data into information systems.


Systematize the information

We classify, process and standardize data to create homogenized databases


Create expert systems

By using artificial intelligence and analytical systems, we interpret the information and create automatic and predictive knowledge-generating systems


Offer a better experience

The knowledge extracted is turned into specific applications with direct benefits to patients and medical professionals.

With the information and intelligence generated through this process we are building and enriching our large platform of patients, Health29.

Health29 is a platform with patient health data, by and for people.

The ultimate goal of Health29 is to generate and facilitate new strategies to enable therapeutic innovation.

Modules are built on the platform with different segments of patient-specific features. Each one provides immediate and differential benefit to the patient or health care professional.

H29 Modules

The data in Health29 belong to each patient, ordered in a way that if they decide, they can be shared to promote research and generate new treatments and therapies.

Dx29 is a powerful digital tool that provides augmented capabilities to the medical professional during the process of diagnosis to speed it up and increase its accuracy.

By means of Artificial Intelligence the patient's symptoms are extracted from their medical reports, and through a simple process of identification of new symptoms, Dx29 generates a list of possible pathologies that helps the professional to take better diagnostic decisions.

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