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The diagnostic process profoundly affects the patient and their family and friends, making their situation more complicated.
Each day without diagnosis is one more day of suffering, uncertainty and fear added to the already difficult circumstances of the disease.

At Foundation29 we want to make the diagnostic process much shorter and effective


Your contribution goes entirely into research and the development of Dx29 to turn it into a much more powerful tool. Your help has real impact, because with it:

1. We will effectively reduce the diagnostic period.

2. We will identify more rare diseases.
Dx29 identifies about 1,000 rare diseases, but we want to reach the remaining 6,000.

3. We will broaden the knowledge base on rare diseases, helping in the development of potential treatments.

4. We will make Dx29 reach many more professionals, associations and patients.

But, above all, with your contribution Dx29 will improve the quality of life of rare disease patients, especially children and families who are in the difficult process of naming what happens to them.


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