Dx29 is a platform built to assist medical professionals during the diagnosis process to make it quicker and more accurate when dealing with rare diseases.

No tool can replace the knowledge of a clinician or physician, so we have designed Dx29 to help those professionals tap into the global community of medical knowledge to facilitate decision-making and diagnoses that might otherwise remain a mystery. Based on the symptoms drawn from a patient’s medical history, and suggesting new symptoms to look for. Dx29 offers medical teams possible pathologies from a wide range of rare diseases that many doctors may not have first-hand experience with.

Dx29 extends this idea further by offering medical teams feedback from their patients as new symptoms arise and leveraging available genetic information to surface additional pathologies that may not appear through standards tests. By combining the fundamental basics of good health care with cutting-edge medical technology, Dx29 gives medical professionals the chance to offer their patients a level of care that might not otherwise be possible.

Patient Benefits

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Patients Focused

Foundation 29 believes that the best medicine is people-powered. We encourage patients to take control of their medical history and provide tools to play an active role in their own care, while working to ensure an accurate diagnosis in the process.

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Global Scale

Dx29 leverages information and ideas from throughout the global medical community, giving patients the peace-of-mind that their medical caregivers are using the most advanced knowledge available.

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Privacy and Security

Our standards for data privacy surpass legislative requirements to make sure patient data and information goes to help doctors find a diagnosis while remaining as safe, secure and anonymous as possible.

Clinician Benefits

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Cutting Edge Technology

Dx29 takes advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment the capabilities of physicians by finding important symptoms and genetic information.

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Expertise Outside of Experience

Rare diseases can be difficult to diagnose without prior experience. Dx29 allows medical professionals to leverage the experience of the global medical community to find ideas and options drawn from a much wider knowledge base than any individual provider could offer.

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Possibilities, Not Diagnoses

No one knows what’s best for a patient better than their medical caregivers. Dx29 guides physicians through the diagnostic process and suggests possible pathologies, but leaves the process of making a diagnosis up to the professionals who have personal relationships with their patients.