The passage of time

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Since some of the instruments were used from this showcase have already passed some Years. It seems a lie that in our childhood, which has not been so long, the syringes were sterilized between each use, or have your knees painted of that red substance, which many recognize in the picture, and that carried mercury among its components.

The contribution of technology is fundamental in almost every aspect of life, but it is essential in medicine. Consider in these images:

Between the two first images there are more than 2000 years, however, between the last two only 100 years. New technologies have accelerated the development and accuracy of medical instruments in a dizzying way. And if this has happened with the machines, imagine what has been the data processing.

The analysis of large amounts of data, coupled with algorithms of artificial intelligence are essential for the clinical community when it comes to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. I read in an article that Medical literature doubles every three years, each day, 8,000 new documents are generated and is an increasing amount. No doctor can be up to date with all the evidence that is generated, even from his specialty. You need the help of data analysis systems to choose the best possible treatment and diagnosis.

Well… ¡There we are! Our system is already collecting information from 27 million of medical documents, analyzing and proposing results. Maybe soon someone also put us as an example in a blog or article, but I assure you that will be within much less than 100 years. Isn’t it exciting?

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